best cbse schools in dehradun

The best boarding schools in Dehradun: a comprehensive overview

best residential schools in Dehradun

The decision to choose a school for your child can be daunting more so a residential school. After all, not only is schooling imperative for their education, but it sets in stone their personality and trajectory for their future. Many parents consider Dehradun their top choice for their child’s bright future. The top-ranked boarding schools in Dehradun have been the go-to for generations of parents.

In its quaint glory, Dehradun is also a beautiful city bustling with life and culture. The balance has been the perfect recipe for creating some of the best residential schools in Dehradun. Some of the top-ranked boarding schools in Dehradun feature the country’s finest architecture, infrastructure, syllabus, structures, and academic life. Look no further if you’re looking at the top-ranked boarding schools in Dehradun.

Why choose Dehradun Boarding Schools

Dehradun is famously known as the School Capital. of India, and it is a matter of pride for us to maintain this status for several generations. But Boarding Schools in Dehradun stand the test of time. Residential Schools and Day Schools offer widely varied experiences for children. While balancing academics and family life, day schools miss out on the enriching experiences one can only get at boarding schools. From essential life skills to lifelong connections, boarding schools in Dehradun are famous for moulding children into their best selves.

The schools in Dehradun have a rich colonial history that dates back to the 1900s. Despite their long history, they have constantly evolved to meet the modern requirements of students while keeping the essential traditions alive. Here is a list of some of the best boarding schools in Dehradun:

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    The Top 8 Boarding Schools in Dehradun

    1. The TonsBridge School

    best residential schools in Dehradun

    Set up in 2013, The TonsBridge School has quickly climbed to be one of Dehradun’s finest, especially in terms of academic success. Over the years, TonsBridge has been an honoured host to distinguished personalities, including former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Dr. Kiran Bedi, serving as a testament to the exceptional standards maintained here.

    The campus spans a sprawling 25 acres, giving enough space for students to explore and thrive. The space has allowed children to dive into multiple interests- from global languages, and pottery to robotics.

    One of the school’s passions- nature conservation, is reflected in its diverse architecture. The campus houses stunning structures and is ideal for rainwater harvesting. In its intention to protect the environment, the architecture serves as a reminder for students to interact positively with the nature surrounding them.

    TonsBridge has had a long history of excelling academically while teaching children to grow into outstanding global citizens through a comprehensive and well-thought-out range of activities and lessons. The school motto ‘true knowledge liberates’ is the foundational guiding force of every child’s development.

    The myriad of activities and events hosted by The TonsBridge School creates an environment where students thrive on innovation and exploring a long list of interests, rightfully putting it as one of the top contenders as the top-ranked boarding schools in Dehradun.

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    2. Ecole Global Girls School

    Nestled with the view of the stunning Shivalik Range of the Himalayas, Ecole Globale has made a name for itself as one of the best residential schools in Dehradun. With a zero-emissions campus, well-maintained spaces for both academic and non-academic purposes, and a wide-spanning curriculum, it has consistently proven itself to be one of the city’s finest.

    3. Asian School

    Renowned for nurturing a sense of pride in the beliefs and talents of children, Asian School has been providing an excellent space for growth in all aspects. With its 16-acre campus and serene setup, Asian School has consistently offered outstanding services to students across India.

    The comprehensive education system and some wonderful cultural activities help a child see the world with more empathetic eyes while building their communication skills so they can face worldly challenges with their head held high.  

    4. Kasiga Boarding School

    With Architecture that stands out and a refreshing structure- Kasiga School is a fine example of how a good environment supports a child’s growth. The school is situated amid serene lands and many activities; students learn from books and various activities.

    With an expansive roster of co-curricular activities and sports events, Kasiga School has helped students by building a caring and stimulating environment, which is also supported by its broad fields and nature-friendly campus.

    5. Unison World School

    Today’s education is the building block for a bright future. Striking a beautiful balance between the current education and the many prospects to come, Unison World School has built an excellent reputation for producing confidence and careers for women from all spheres of the world.

    To help build careers, students must be allowed to explore freely and widely- something the school profoundly understands. They are given an understanding of mainstream courses at their educational disposal and cover a wide range of interdisciplinary studies that build life skills and confidence.

    6. SelaQui International School

    During the crucial phase of childhood, children are naturally intuitive and eager to explore their interests. This is their guiding force towards self-sufficiency. At SelaQui, children are allowed the breathing space to decide what field they want to choose and how to pursue it. The curriculum is specially designed to accommodate critical thinking, communication, creativity, and more.

    Owing to Dehradun’s serene environment and the school’s commitment to green practices, a great atmosphere is built to help students appreciate nature and the wonders the world has to provide.

    7. Hopetown Girls’ School

    With the founder’s goal to build a school for 500 happy girls, the school has evolved into much more. Spanning 50 acres, the school is divided into sections that focus on interdisciplinary studies and various cultural activities. By leveraging modern technology in an ever-evolving world and mixing it with traditional roots, a harmonious setup has been created for the school’s students.

    8. Doon International Riverside

    Doon International Riverside School boasts impressive and modern architecture to support its future-forward approach to education and growth. Anchored by digital smart classes, modern laboratories, studios for arts and crafts, a 25 mm swimming pool, and well-maintained boarding facilities- the school provides a holistic experience for students to explore their interests and education in peace.


    The Best Boarding Schools in Dehradun are the perfect amalgamation of the finest infrastructure, a beautiful and peaceful environment, and world-class education and cultural activities. They are bound to create a bright future for students from all walks of life. By building their leadership skills and charisma, we witness them excel academically and culturally, enabling them to put their best foot forward as they step into the world. Get your child ready for a beautiful tomorrow by investing in their education today, only in some of the best boarding schools in Dehradun.


    While some boarding schools in Dehradun can be costlier, there are no compromises on the child’s future. The best amenities, advanced technology, and highly skilled faculty all contribute to Dehradun’s enduring legacy of boarding schools. Children will be exposed to a multicultural and dynamic space where they can be assured they’re being nurtured amid stunning nature. Building a solid future with a great foundation is priceless! 

    The TonsBridge School is one of the best schools for CBSE education, with facilities that ensure students don’t just learn – they thrive. We believe in building leaders for tomorrow while investing in their present! 

    Extracurriculars provide that the student is connected with their surroundings. The campus offers many sports facilities, including a horse riding arena, basketball courts, football courts, international standards tennis courts, and cricket facilities. The art facilities and cultural activities keep the students engaged and provide an excellent platform to express themselves.

    The TonsBridge School is one of the finest co-ed boarding schools in Dehradun. Nature serves as our greatest teacher and the centrality of a child’s development is built in the design of our school, which sprawls across 25 acres of land. The picturesque mountains and the Tons riverbed serve as the first view in the morning from the two academic blocks. It houses two of the country’s best smart classrooms, a digital library, state of the art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, and Robotics infrastructure as well as Dance and Music Studios, to name a few! 

    The rich history and scenic background are just the tip of the iceberg with regard to Dehradun’s educational legacy. Dehradun boasts a heritage that is reflected in its notable alums. From Rajeev Gandhi to Abhinav Bindra to Ramachandra Guha, they’ve all been part of Dehradun’s legacy. In the lap of nature’s most scenic wonders and a bustling smart city with a wide range of opportunities, Dehradun offers the best boarding schools. Despite the education system being rooted in traditions, it is constantly advancing to adapt to the modern world. The academic potential is limitless, from cutting-edge technology to opportunities that span the ever-evolving world.

    Dehradun has earned its name as one of the finest destinations in India for education, and there are a myriad of boarding schools we recommend: 

    – The TonsBridge Boarding School 
    – Doon International Riverside 
    – Kasiga Boarding School 
    – SelaQui International School 
    – Unison World School

    The TonsBridge School’s core values are rooted in tradition that flows with the changing times. With an amalgamation of Indic value systems, we’re pioneering modern educational values by introducing technology in revolutionary ways. Our modern classrooms are constantly updated so students can continuously learn and adapt. Our CCTV surveillance is an investment in our commitment to continually update digitization, making us one of the best boarding schools in Dehradun. The deep-rooted guiding philosophy of the school focuses on creating academically, socially, and emotionally sound young adults.