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Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students. - Solomon Ortiz

Aware that a teacher is like a potter who gives shape and life to the clay in his hands, we at The TonsBridge hire the best possible talent to guide our students through their formative years. Our faculty comprises highly qualified, trained and experienced teachers committed to our vision of empowering our children for a bright future.

However, we strongly feel that the best, and a very important, part of our faculty are the parents of our students.

Academic Department

Science Department

Mr. Ajay Aggarwal ( HOD/Dean of Academic )
Ms. Smriti Goel (Senior Coordinator/CBSE In-charge )
Dr. K. Mohan Reddy – R & D Head (ICT Model & STEM Projects)
Ms. Archana Thapliyal ( PGT Chemistry )
Mr. Bharat Kumar (PGT Chemistry )
Ms. Thaibemma Chhaya ( TGT Science )
Ms. Nidhi Bisht ( TGT Science )
Ms. Simmi Oberoi ( TGT Science )
Ms. Sonali Dutt ( TGT Science )
Ms. Priyanka Agarwal ( TGT Science )
Mr. Amit Bisht ( Lab Assistant )

Commerce Department

Ms. Bela Sehgal ( Principal)
Mr. Munish Kharbanda – PGT B.St/Acc


Ms. Kirti Minocha
Dr. Christopher Singh as (Head of Pastoral Care & Academic Affairs and HOD Biology)

Sports Department

Mr. Diwakar Mohan ( HOD )
Mr. Balwant Singh ( Yoga )
Ms. Salakha
Mr. Puran Singh Rawal


Ms. Khusboo Rana
Ms. Chitra Das

Social Science Department

Ms. Amrita Jha ( HOD/Activity and Middle School Coordinator )
Mr. Mukesh ( TGT )
Ms. Shweta Arora Khatri ( TGT )
Ms. Sejal Chhetri ( PGT Sociology )
Ms. Sushma Rawat ( TGT )
Ms. Karishma Bhandari ( TGT )
Ms. Rashmi Bhatt ( TGT )
Ms. Neha Sharma ( PGT Economics )
Ms. Kirti Manocha ( Counselor )

English Department

Ms. Rachana Khanduri ( HOD )
Ms. Preeti Rana ( PGT English )
Ms. Parul Sharma ( TGT English )
Ms. Samiksha Anand ( TGT English )
Ms. Nupur Raturi ( TGT English )
Ms. Isha Singh ( TGT English )
Mr. E. Anthony ( TGT English )
Ms. Purabi Majumdar ( PGT English )


Hindi Department

Ms. Geeta ( HOD )
Ms. Varsha Sharma ( TGT )
Ms. Sangeeta Batra ( TGT )
Ms. Isha Rani ( TGT )
Ms. Ranjana Bhatt ( TGT )
Mr. Balkrishna Semwal ( TGT Sanskrit )
Ms. Soumya Mishra (TGT)

Foreign Language

Ms. Pratiksha Chauhan ( TGT French )

Visual & Fine Arts Department

Ms. Sangeeta Negi

Maths Department

Mr. Praveen Kataria – HOD
Mr. Mukul Negi ( PGT Maths )
Mr. Harisimran Singh ( TGT )
Mr. Rashid Khan ( TGT )
Ms. Anju Pal ( TGT )
Ms. Amrita Thapa ( TGT )
Ms. Priyanka Aggarwal ( TGT )
Ms. Deepali Chhetri ( TGT )

Computer Science Department

Ms. Pritima Bahuguna ( HOD )
Ms. Arvinder Dasila ( TGT )
Ms. Nidhi Singh( TGT )

Art & Craft

Ms. Sangeeta Negi

Performing Arts Department

Ms. Arti Jugran ( Music )
Mr. Ajay Singh ( Music )
Mr. Shyam Bhargav ( Music )
Mr. Kuldeep Pant ( Music )
Ms. Sangeeta Sharma (Dance )

Special Educator

Ms. Sanjana Rana

Primary Teachers

Ms. Kritika Mansingh (HEAD MISTRESS)
Ms. Kavita Kalra (Primary Coordinator)
Ms. Divya Sharma (PRT)
Ms. Leena Shukla (PRT)
Ms , Reenu Negi
Ms. Hema Grover
Ms. Rajwant Kaur
Ms. Sangeeta Negi (Art/ Craft)
Ms. Amita Bhasin
Ms. Ritika Chhetri
Ms. Meena Barthwal
Ms. Puja Lamba
Ms. Neha Kumar
Ms. Namita Yadav
Ms. Roma Rana

Ms. Shikha Sharma
Ms. Preeti Bhatt
Ms. Geetanjali Madan
Ms. Ritu Dora
Ms. Lalita Arya
Ms. Rameshwari Panwar
Ms. Shruti Suri Arora
Ms. Madhu Bhatia
Ms. Neetika Chauhan
Ms. Jyoti Joshi
Ms. Archana Sharma
Ms. Kavita Gupta
Ms. Sona Bindra
Ms. Jyoti Mirji
Ms. Sarita Tikale

Ms. Priya Tiwari
Ms. Monika Gaur
Ms. Aparna Juyal
Ms. Veronika Kharola
Ms. Hema Thapa
Ms. Renu Khanduri
Ms. Shrishti Bhatia
Ms. Kehkasha
Ms. Gitanjali Verma
Ms. Abha Karprwan
Ms. Anjali Chhabra
Ms. Pallavi Dangwal (Dance)
Ms. Sonam Raturi (Music)
Ms. Anshu Gautam
Ms. Sujata Malik