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Green TonsBridge

Green TonsBridge

The school is child-focused, aesthetically designed and adaptive with a view to promote learning, support collaboration and provide a personalized and stimulating environment to all.

The TonsBridge is far from the distractions and cacophony of the city, students are presented with an opportunity to learn from nature, the greatest teacher of all. It is situated in the lush green and a natural environ 18 Acre campus, at the confluence of the river Tons and the river Nemi in the Doon Valley, the School aims at providing holistic education to prepare its children for the challenges in life.

There have been some very innovative approaches undertaken in building the facilities that are contributing hugely in terms of reducing the carbon footprint. And what makes this even more interesting is intelligent out of the box approaches like introducing some age-old Indian Architecture techniques that not only make the buildings environmental friendly but also make them more cost-effective.

India has a long history of ancient civilisations and kingdoms. In those days there were no technologies available, still, the architecture was such that the buildings faired very good in terms of internal conditions both in strong summers and cold winters. There were simple Architectural Techniques that were used to reach these kinds of conditions.

Today with the advent of technology and the advancements therein, when we speak of Green Buildings, normally we try to use more technologies. But if we fall back on the ancient Indian architecture, there are far easier and more effective ways of creating Green Architecture!!

The TonsBridge relies on these simple architectural techniques and keeps having plantation drives and other programs to build a Green Campus.