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Life At The TonsBridge School

The Tons Bridge School

Life At The TonsBridge School

One thing that no one can ever deny is the value of good education in life. Education is one of the primary needs of an individual and shapes up the human development. As parents, we want the best for our children. The wake of awareness among the parents these days is unprecedented as they recognize the difference between acquiring education and being educated in real sense. Needless to mention, a school plays a significant role in outlining a child’s life. A good school can direct to a highly rewarding career and hence, the hustle and stress parents go through while choosing a school for their kids is totally reasonable. 

It must be mentioned that when we talk about good education, it doesn’t mean to mug up the entire books in the world and have a decent score. True education encircles higher dimensions and aims at rendering physical, mental and emotional growth. Unfortunately, only a few schools understand this and live up to the principle. One such school that views education from the lens of holistic growth is The TonsBridge School, Dehradun

The Best CBSE School in Dehradun.

The TonsBridge School is one of the most prestigious cbse schools in Dehradun. It has been affiliated by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The School holds a reputed place in the state of Uttarakhand on account of its remarkable efforts towards providing modern education to the children with the perspective of an overall development. 

The schools caters to children from KG to class XII. The academic year starts in the month of April and ends in the month of March of the following year with final examinations. And the result ceremony is obviously grand as the gems of the school are facilitated.

Languages taught 

The TonsBridge School is an English medium school. The language that is primarily stressed upon is English but Hindi is also taught as a subject and the concerned faculty makes sure that every child becomes proficient in the language. We also offer Sanskrit and French as the third languages. 

Pattern of exams

As per the new education policy, the school follows semester system of the examination pattern. The school maintains a high-standard of the assessment system.  The nature of the assessment is as such that it tests the practical skills of the children so as to gauge their understanding of the subjects while ensuring they meet the grade level expectation.

Promotion of Extra-curricular Activities

The school understands the true meaning of education which is not only confined to books and hence, foster extra-curricular activities in school. It believes in encouraging students to shine as bright in the playgrounds as in the classrooms. There are many sport activities for the students and the school has been a part of many competitions at local as well as national level. The school believes in exploring the creative sides of the students by introducing them to art classes. 

As a child discovers himself/herself during the precious school years, so it is up to the school to provide them with enough exposure and opportunities to help them realize their forte. For this particular reason, extra-curricular activities have become an integral part of the education system. 

Scholarship Plans for the students.

What makes The TonsBridge School stand out as the best school in Dehradun, CBSE, is its unique policies and endeavours towards the betterment of its students. The school offers APJ Abdul Kalam scholarships to the meritorious students of class XI and XII. Under the scholarship program, besides free education and transport, the school  sponsors coaching from the prestigious institutes like Aakash Institute for JEE and NEET preparation. 

High place for ethics and discipline 

Being the best CBSE School in Dehradun, the school aims at producing highly responsible and enlightened citizens who understand their responsibility towards the nation. In order to achieve this vision, the school focuses on establishing high ethical ground. We teach our students honesty, integrity, empathy, accountability and social responsibility. We instil in our students that the way to success can only be accessed by incorporating discipline and punctuality in life. 

The school lay emphasis on promoting an educational system that not only involves academic excellence but aims at becoming an aware and responsible citizen; seeking excellence in every sphere of life.

Choose us for a seamless learning experience and a better future for your child.

There are endless reason to join hands with The TonsBridge School. Hope these points make it all clear to you.

  • The school’s surreal and calm location adds to the learning atmosphere. They get an opportunity to learn from the mother nature herself.
  • The school is equipped with latest technology and tools to enhance the whole experience of learning by means of smart classes.
  • The school goes through rigorous recruitment process while hiring teachers as we believe great teachers forge great students.
  • A great balance of academic and extra-curricular activities.
  • High-standards of hygiene 

If you are looking for a school with an excellent educational system, The TonsBridge School worth giving a thought!