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Mr Daniel H. Pink is an American author, psychologist and New York Times bestseller. He delivered his TEDx twelve years ago in 2009.

Famously titled ‘the Puzzle of Motivation’ it expresses the dynamics of management and how the internal factors influence the productivity of an employee and the profitability of the business.


Many business organizations focus on providing the employee with monetary benefits and rewards like ‘if then….’.these incentives are not workable in the long run because they would restrict creativity, potential and narrow down thinking.

On the contrary, should thrive upon the attainment of the ‘intrinsic factors which are considered a rare gem for any
organization which wants an increment in efficiency. The “AMP” abbreviation of anatomy, mastery, and purpose
caters to the internal factors which have been practised for three decades now.

‘ANATOMY’ means an urge to direct our lives.

‘MASTERY’ indicates enhancing your skills to the best of your ability.

‘PURPOSE’ will serve the reason for your existence.

This approach initiates ingenuity, job satisfaction and efficacy of an individual.

Some antedate that showed the ‘APM’ was a huge success for many firms.
1. Fedex days
The Australian software company ‘Atlassian’ which were the pioneer for the introduction of the fedex days in their

On this day the company encourages its engineers to work and develop anything they like and want apart from their
ongoing projects and present it to the teammates and management at the end of the day.

This rocketed the blue-sky thinking among the employees and increased their productivity enormously and solved the major problem of their current project

2.  20% time rule

This concept originated in Google where the employee is encouraged to spend 20% of their time aside from projects
on which they feel passionate about and which will be beneficial to the firm.

It gave birth to the applications which we all use in our daily mundane like Gmail, Orkut, and Google news.


Results only work environment is a strategic management technique which was an innovative experiment that was
conducted at buy headquarters in Minnesota in 2013.

This helped the employees to show up at work wherever they want and from anywhere they like. They are only accountable for the work they produce.

The ROWE concept eliminates the pressure of the workplace and motivates them to work to the best of their ability which eventually results in higher motivation and job satisfaction.


Our society sets unrealistic standards to be successful in our career like we should know how to deal with pressure and most importantly work under pressure which would make or break our career but unhelpful it deteriorates our mental health, creativity, and well-being as an individual. We are often intrigued by higher packages or attractive rewards etc. This hampers us for a long period rather than one should be keel toward acquiring new skills and be dexterous. Hence it will kindle your purpose which would serve a wider aspect of life and would create Psychological safe culture for every employee in the organization.