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The New Education Policy is Revolutionary!

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The new education policy 2020 gives shape to the new vision of the Indian Education System.
The main focus of the new education policy is to provide equitable quality education and promote long-lasting learning avenues for all by 2030. It talks about the dynamic global environment and various employment opportunities for students.
The prior policy emphasized theoretical learning whereas the new education policy dwells on practical knowledge, conceptual upgradation, and more importantly imparting vocational training which will make students self-reliant.
The distinct feature of the NEP is that it has integrated the Indian education system with the global education standards.


The answer is yes!
The NEP provides ample benefits to students and teachers which ultimately make the learning process and teaching process interesting for all.
Lets us drill down some major benefits that the policy has to offer:

1. Flexibility to choose

• The students have the flexibility to choose subjects from different streams like science, humanities and commerce.
• This will enhance their knowledge of different topics and subjects.

2. Breakdown of existing academic structure into a new one (5+3+3+4)

a. Foundational stage
• This stage includes classes 1 and 2 where the age group lies between 6 to 8 years with the addition of three years of pre-school.
• It helps the kids learn through play activities etc.

b. Preparatory stage
• The preparatory stage includes 3rd to 5th standards with the age group of 8-11years.
• This stage initiates the learning process through play discovery, activity-based interactive learning etc.

c. Middle stage
• This stage covers 6th to 8th standards where the age group lies between 11 to 14 years.
• This is a fascinating stage where the children are introduced to concepts of experiential learning in science, mathematics, humanities etc.

d. Secondary stage
• This is the most engaging and captivating stage for all the students as they are introduced to multi-disciplinary, critical thinking, flexibility in the choice of subjects, vocational training like gardening, carpentry, electrician etc. which leads to holistic learning and development of the child.
• The students must choose from at least one vocational training later exposed to more as the section goes on.

3. Ten days of bagless training
• The vocational training is provided to students on real ground bases for at least ten days.
• This innate empathy and respect for all kinds of jobs make them responsible human beings.

4. Self-assessment of your performance
• The report card will include the self-analysis done by the students through ‘PRAKASH’ apart from the teacher’s evaluation sheets.
• PRAKASH means performance, assessment, review and analysis of knowledge for holistic development.

5. Reduces stress
• The introduction of the semester system in the examination enables the students to focus on the smaller quantity of curriculum.
• The board classes 10th and 12th are given less emphasis.

6. Multiple entry-exit programs

• Under this program, the students are provided with a diploma degree if, he/she has dropped out of college after one year.
• If they drop out after three years of college, will be given a Bachelor’s degree.
• If they drop out after four years of college, will be rewarded with a Bachelor’s Research degree.
7. Entry into the foreign university

• All the top 100 universities are approved to open in India so that students can avail of the niche education without going to a foreign land.
8. Masters of arts and master of Science degree will last one year for those with a four-year degree and two years in case of 3 years bachelors.

Collectively the new education policy is expertly drafted and neatly structured by a panel led by former Indian space research organization chief Dr Krishnaswamy Kasturi Rangan. It exactly targets the holistic development of our youth which kindle creativity, rational thinking, and cognitive skills and develops ethics and values at the same time, helping them to discover their forte through quality teaching. The implementation of NEP 2020 will surely assure that India is moving in the right direction with its education system which is going to be fruition for our children’s future in the upcoming year.

At The TonsBridge School, we are thriving to inoculate these major reforms in our academic structure.
At the beginning of our journey, we ensure that our students are familiar with the concept of experiential learning at every level which is helping them to think out of the box and stand out from the crowd.

” To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.”_ Buddha

We are informed about the stress and anxiety that every student faces in their life, to eliminate that we have an expert professional chancellor where every student can share their worries and can feel safe and secure at the same time.

We are very grateful for our associates with Microsoft, Trinity College London, STEM, Model United Nations, Aakash and many more who truly believe in our vision of imparting knowledge that liberates.

The TonsBridge school promises every student that is going to join The TonsBridge family is going to create a great human being through our teaching, ethics and values.