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Annual Sports Day

The School’s Annual Sports Day was organized on November 23 for the Senior Section and on November 25 for the entire school.

Wednesday, November 23

The programme began with the March Past by the four School Houses- Aqua, Ignis, Terra and Ventus, the salute being taken by the School’s Chairman Mr. Vijay Nagar, who was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Once the four contingents had assembled on the field and taken the oath to participate in the event in the spirit of sportsmanship, the Chief Guest declared open the Annual Sports Meet.

The students of classes VI to XII showcased their talents in a PT Display, Aerobics Display, Yoga Display, and a Taekwondo Display, and also participated in a number of track events.

The Equestrian Show towards the end of the programme was one of the highlights of the event.

Once all the participants had marched onto the field once again, the Chief Guest Mr. Vijay Nagar presented the medals and certificates to the winners of the co-educational boarding school.

The following students emerged as the winners of the different events:-

Shot Put (Junior Boys)

First- Shaurya Bhatt (Aqua)

Second- Ishan (Ignis)

Third- Samarth Chawla (Ventus)

Short Put (Senior Boys)

First- YashChhetri (Ignis)

Second- Arya Chawla (Terra)

Third- Saksham Bhatt (Ventus)

Short Put (Senior Girls)

First- Manmeet Arora (Ignis)

Second- Arohi (Ignis)

Third- Shubhi S Tiwary (Ventus)

Discus Throw (Senior Boys)

First- Ashutosh Mishra (Aqua)

Second- YashChhetri (Ignis)

Third- Arya Chawla (Terra)

Discus Throw (Senior Girls)

First- Keerthana Deepak (Terra)

Second- AarohiPatil (Ignis)

Third- Aarohi Kumar (Ventus)

Discus Throw (Junior Boys)

First- Shaurya Bhatt (Aqua)

Second- Samarth Chawla (Ventus)

Third- KshitijNautiyal (Ignis)

Long Jump (Senior Boys)

First- SarthakRawat (Ventus)

Second- Sreehari M. (Aqua)

Third- Naman Saini (Ventus)

Long Jump (Senior Girls)

First- SnehaRaghav (Terra)

Second- Pooja Joshi (Terra)

Third- Sara Tomar (Ventus)

Long Jump (Junior Boys)

First- VedantBhayana (Ignis)

Second- Siddha