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Good Luck Party

Students of Class IX organized a Good Luck Party for the students of Class X on February 17.

Hosted by Yug & Niharika, the programme got off to a rocking start with a dance performance by the boys. The programme also comprised a vocal medley by the students of class IX, another dance performance by the hosts and a number of games for class X, like Four Corners, Bursting the Balloon, Statue Dance, etc. The teachers also participated in a game called Four Corners.

The programme concluded with the cutting of the cake by the Chairman and his wife alongwith students of class X, a jam session and lunch for everyone.


The topic for the Debate was ““The print and the electronic media have become sensationalist and need to be governed or controlled by a set of rules enacted by the government.” All the participants forcefully presented their views for or against the motion, supporting their views with conviction, hard facts and good reasoning.

Deepansh Jawarani of Wynberg Allen won the Best Speaker (For) prize and Sridip Mukherjee of Wynberg Allen won the Best Speaker (Against) prize. Wynberg Allen won the overall trophy for standing First. Convent of Jesus and Mary stood Second and D. A. V. Public School and Touchwood shared the Third position.