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Mind Wars Quiz Held in The TonsBridge School

Mind Wars Quiz, promoted by Zee Entertainment Enterprises, was organized in the School on July 16. The TonsBridge School is the first school in Uttarakhand to be chosen for this event due to the participation of over 500 students in the online weekly quizzes over the last two months.

The event began with a written test to select twelve students for the stage round, the qualifiers being Rajarshi Chaudhary, Arpan Mohapatra, Jayant Bhatia, Mrigank Joshi, SamridhiBadhani, Shristi Pant, Deeksha Agarwal, AnantKrishanGoli, ChinmayBobde, Dev Chauhan, SejalManoga and ShardulJugran. The stage round, conducted by the Quiz Master Mr.Abhimayu Singh Bisht, comprised of four rounds featuring questions on a wide range of topics such as Current Affairs, Entertainment, History & Politics, Science, Geography, Business & Commerce, etc. The audience too was involved with some questions posed to them.

The following emerged as the winners of the keenly-contested quiz:-
First– ChinmayBobd&, Dev Chauhan
Second– SejalManoga and ShardulJugran
Third– Deeksha Agarwal &AnantKrishanGoli

Mr. Vijay Nagar, the Chairman of The TonsBridge School, gave away the certificates to the winners. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by the School’s Administrative Officer Mr. K. K. Sharma.