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Parasailing Camp 2022

As part of its continuous effort to provide its students with a diverse range of experience and activities, #TheTonsBridgeSchool is hosting a #parasailingcamp for its students. The Camp will be conducted by an ex-Indian Air Force Officer, Squadron Leader S. P. S. Kaushik, who is a renowned skydiver and paraglider and holds a number of world records.

Sq. Ldr. Kaushik addressed the students on April 22 and conducted a live demonstration in the School. The TonsBridge School, thus, became the first school and Sarvagya the 1st student of #Uttarakhand to participate in parasailing. The other students to participate in the demonstration class were
Krisha Khatri and Harshit Kumar. Three staff members Mrs. Amrita Jha, Mrs. Neha Kumar and Ms. Megha Pradhan also participated in the event.