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The Grand Unveiling of the Statue

India’s First CDS General (Late) Bipin Rawat has been a shining beacon of hope and valour for generations, one whose legacy has left a profound mark on Uttarakhand, his home town. To honour his legacy, The TonsBridge School, Dehradun, unveiled a magnificent statue of him in the presence of a multitude of schools from around the district.

The TonsBridge has long described its motto as transcending education; it is committed to celebrating the nation’s values and honouring the traditions that have inspired many. The grand unveiling of General Bipin Rawat echoed these core beliefs and was a reminder to draw inspiration from history constantly.

The Grand Unveiling

Several students and faculty from across multiple schools in Uttarakhand travelled to witness the unveiling of the statue. Setting the event in motion, Shri. Pushkar Singh Dhami, the esteemed Chief Minister of Uttrakhand, along with Shri. Vijay Nagar, Chairman of The TonsBridge School, welcomed Hon’ble Chief Guest, Minister of Defence Shri. Rajnath Singh. In a mesmerizing display of devotion, the guests of honour partook in the Hawan, symbolizing their deep faith and reverence.

Following the solemn ceremony, the grand showcase of the CDS General (Late) Bipin Rawat statue was unveiled, along with a beautiful shower of floral tributes. In a demonstration of deep faith and respect for culture, faith, and traditional values, the statue was honoured by every member who participated in the event. In a poignant display of the beautiful confluence of age-old rituals and modern beliefs, the chief guests ignited the ceremonial lamp.

The School’s Chairman presented the Hon’ble Chief Minister and the dignitaries in attendance with bouquets. Amongst the beautiful display of cultural festivities was a special performance by the renowned singer Ms. Rekha Dhasmana, winner of the Gopal Babu Goswami Legendary Singer Award, who enthralled the crowd with a special Garhwali song.

The spellbinding performance was followed by the classic song ‘Kadam Kadam Badaye Ja’ sung by the School Choir. This performance was a powerful reminder of their aspiration, giving them space to flourish and thrive!

The welcome speech exuded grace and dignity as Shri. Vijay Nagar conveyed his deep gratitude towards Shri. Rajnath Singh and all the esteemed guests for gracing the occasion with their presence. The moment was steeped in both historical significance and cultural heritage. He acknowledged their shared history and his longstanding association with CDS Rawat.

The touching speech, accompanied by an enchanting recital of his self-composed poem, paid respect to his memory and the ideals he stood for.

Shri. Vijay Nagar, Chairman of The TonsBridge School, said, “CDS General (Late) Bipin Rawat, his story and words are etched in my memory when honouring this institution. I am in the presence of several people who have enabled me to empower young minds, and I hope his legacy is just as much an inspiration to do better so they can pass the mantle onto the great minds to come with great pride.”

The Finishing Touches

The Chief Guest affirmed the school’s morals by administering the Annual Oath to the 12th graders, who pledged to serve the nation, respect their elders, care for their mental and physical health, and honour India’s rich culture and history. He elucidated the need to remember our roots as our culture is what sets us apart and makes us unique. He also stated that no matter how much we progress in technology, our knowledge and our nation’s values will always help us attain remarkable milestones.

Echoing his sentiments, the distinguished Chief Guest, Shri. Rajnath Singh, conveyed his admiration for the school’s visionary approach and unwavering commitment to upholding the utmost educational standards for its students. He also encouraged the students to embrace India’s beautiful culture and take the values in stride so they could apply them to their everyday lives.

In its closing moments, the attendees addressed Shri. Pushkar Dhami and the Former Chief Minister Shri. Trivendra Singh Rawat, honouring their presence, while the School’s Chairman, Shri. Vijay Nagar, presented the Chief Guest with a memento and a hand-painted portrait of him. The programme concluded with a final vote of thanks by the School’s Director, Shri. Shailendra Benjamin.

Other distinguished attendees who blessed the venue were Mr. Harendra Bhatt, the State President of BJP, several army veterans, and the staff and students of several other schools.

We caught up with the 12th graders and attendees, who said, “We’re very excited and proud that we witnessed the grand debut of this statue. We’ve heard several stories about General Bipin Rawat, and he has left a mark on the school and Uttarakhand’s heritage. So, to see the statue in person feels like a full-circle moment for us.”

Know more about The TonsBridge School

With the stunning Himalayas as the all-encompassing backdrop of the school, The TonsBridge School is situated amid awe-inspiring nature. Its vast flora and fauna keep the students’ minds rejuvenated and curious. It has also been the hub of excellence, with its stellar faculty and excellent boarding facilities. With close surveillance and a knack for teaching students essential life skills, The TonsBridge Schools is one of the finest boarding schools in India.

For over a decade, the school has built a reputation of being one of the country’s top CBSE co-ed schools. The boarding facilities have been lauded for their approach to self-reliance and education. The faculty has strived to provide the students with cutting-edge technology while also setting a strong traditional background to experience the best of both the worlds.