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Bridging the Learning Gap

Bridging the Learning Gap

As life is coming back to normal after nearly one and a half year of pandemic and students flock back to school campus filling the air with energy and enthusiasm, they look forward towards meeting the grade level expectations and to bridge the learning gap created due to the long period of online teaching.

No doubt online teaching has helped in filling the vacuum, but it is not a substitute for physical classroom where a student goes through a whole lot of varied experiences co-curricular activities, learning life skill as he / she interacts with peers and teachers.

Teachers on the other hand have worked very hard to deliver the curriculum via available online platform. However, most of us are completely in awe when we find students who have completely failed to gain anything out of this mammoth exercise of online teaching. This leaves us to think of the ways in which we can help the student join the mainstream once again.

There is a group of students in every classroom who feels completely isolated and is unable to connect with what a teacher is teaching in the physical classroom due the huge learning gap created during the pandemic. A grade 8 student cannot solve mathematical problems from a grade 6 course book similarly fundamentals of science taught in grade 6 have been long forgotten by grade 8 students. It is a nightmare for a student to sit in a class where he / she feels academically isolated.

Educational gurus from across the spectrum must come together for a brainstorming session and suggest possible ways and means to address this pressing problem which continues to haunt many students and teachers alike. Let all stakeholders be it students, parents, teachers, counsellors,and others meet and discuss a way forward before it is too late.

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