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Book fair

Book Fair

To inculcate in the students the habit of reading, the School organised a book fair from December 21 to 24. The fair was set up by boarding schools in Dehradun Scholastic India. The students of all the classes visited the fair during the school hours on December 21 and 22 to browse the titles on […]

best boarding schools in dehradun

Role of Boarding Schools

Boarding schools have been identified as a promising means of providing students with an inclusive education and propelling them for success in the future.

The TonsBridge School Fest 2022

The TonsBridge School Fest 2022

The TonsBridge Fest – the School’s first Inter-School Literary, Art and Cultural Activities Competition- began on October 10 with Ignited Minds- The Inter-School Quiz. Nine schools, viz. Summer Valley, RIMC, The Indian Public School, Army Public School (Birpur), Army Public School (Clement Town), Doon International (Riverside), DSB International, Him Jyoti and The TonsBridge School, participated […]

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Caring About Mental Health For The Best

Mental health comprises an individual’s emotional, psychological, and social good health. A mentally fit human being is in tune with their spiritual quotients, actions, and behaviour. They are assertive, optimistic, happy, and robust enough to tackle any perplexing situation in their life. In today’s contemporary world, science and technology, the industrial sector, healthcare sector, start-up […]