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The Impact of Boarding School in Dehradun on Life Skills

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    How Boarding School Prepares Students for Life Skills?

    Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it”. Education is more than just textbooks; it’s about the lessons and teachings that shape students. When the right tools are provided to children, they learn and continue to create a greater path for themselves as they venture into the world. Boarding Schools in Dehradun are a primary example of this mantra, as children find Dehradun to be the perfect location to learn lifelong lessons in a peaceful environment.

    Know your schools

    When you’re considering a school for the bright future of your child, it’s important to know the key differences between a Day School and a Boarding School. 

    In a Day High School, (commonly called a Day School) students attend their schools during the day and return home once their academics are done. Students are not provided with boarding or housing facilities, resulting in a significantly different experience. But boarding schools are a different, more immersive experience for students. Boarding Schools in Dehradun are famous for creating an apt and more dynamic experience for students.

    Here are some ways Boarding Schools create life skills for students

    The building blocks of adult life- Independence: 
    Responsibility and independence go hand in hand. Children who depend on their families may not learn crucial life skills, resulting in a lack of responsibility later on. 

    One problem children often face when they venture into the world without a sense of responsibility is that the learning curve becomes steeper. This is why we believe it is essential for children to learn these skills at a young age. 

    At boarding schools, while the support system from peers and educators is strong, they start learning essential skills like laundry, daily chores, and socialization, at a much younger age.

    Time management is a skill that’s taught: 
    Time and tide, as the saying goes, wait for no one. Time management is one of those underrated skills that needs to be taught at a young age, or else it’s too late. As they bloom into adulthood and responsibility, maintaining schedules and showing up on time create a great impression, and in turn, it also instills a sense of superior work ethic in individuals.

    From studies and sports to extra-curricular activities, a well-structured daily routine is provided for multiple activities throughout the day. Boarding Schools in Dehradun provide a great opportunity to learn effective time management skills. Children, away from the chaos of the city, can immerse themselves in education while learning how to effectively manage their time.

    Resilience, much like Rome, can’t be built in a day:

    boarding schools in dehradun

    Over time, the definition of intelligence has escaped the strict confines of textbooks. While students learn how to prioritize academics at boarding schools, they learn to ascribe an equal importance to emotional intelligence. 

    Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize the myriad of one’s own emotions and navigate them in a way that boasts awareness and understanding. One telltale sign of Emotional Intelligence is resilience. When a child is distanced from the tight strict safety net provided by their families, they’re motivated to weave their way around the maze to effectively solve problems and understand the world around them. 

    Students must be trusted to explore their environment while they adapt to independent routines, new shared spaces, and dynamic social structures. This makes them adaptable, and in turn, more resilient. 

    Honing academics through a cultural lens:
    Boarding schools in Dehradun provide an explosive multitude of activities and extra-curricular activities that boost children’s skills. Every child has a distinct DNA, one that makes them special, and boarding schools are the perfect place to hone them.

    Aided by rich culture, and a deep understanding of holistic experiences, boarding schools are diverse in their offerings of sports, games, activities, and programs. These provide a burst of unique skills to them!

    Furthermore, activities equip children with critical thinking skills that help them process their academics better. Acclaimed and decorated scientists like Leonardo da Vinci and Rosalind Franklin have been famous for their scientific findings that have been embellished with path-breaking artwork. 

    Mastering the art of confidence
    Confidence is not an innate skill, but it is developed through a tapestry of conversations, new experiences, and being challenged in the right ways. Most people have a tumultuous relationship with confidence, as it is often not honed the right way.

    Boarding schools provide just the right canvas for the student to explore their surroundings and build confidence naturally. By simply taking part in a wide variety of activities at boarding schools, cultural exchanges, and new scenarios, a student can reach new heights with their strong sense of self-worth and deep understanding of themselves! 

    Building community is a skill: 
    Boarding schools are an ecosystem that thrives on collaboration and teamwork. A sense of community settles into a student’s boarding school life as they manoeuvre through friendships, teacher-peer bonds, guides, and more. These relationships are a central part of their development, as they understand the world through various experiences and a diverse range of perspectives. 

    In organizations and any place of work, being able to work in a team is central to an individual’s skill set and growth. 

    Acing Personal Responsibility: 
    In a world where work ethic and the quality of work is seen as an asset, a certain skill set has taken the backseat- one that is essential for survival. Daily chores are the bread and butter of survival, but individuals are often left flummoxed when approached with having to take care of themselves. This leads to mismanaged intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships and a lifetime of problems. Teaching them these skills early is a major reason students thrive in boarding schools. 

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    Why TonsBridge?

    Set in the quaint, yet bustling city of Dehradun- The TonsBridge School is just the right fit for a child looking for a boarding school in Dehradun. Currently standing as one of the top CBSE schools in Dehradun, located in Prem Nagar, your child is bound for greatness with us. 

    With the finest standards of academics and an extensive array of opportunities ranging from student exchanges to cultural events, The Tonsbridge School is more than just a boarding school- it’s an experience a student carries with them for a lifetime. Students not only excel academically, but they also learn to take responsibility, learn the importance of communities, and grow an excellent foundation that makes them bright individuals.